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Dear world scientists kindly follow and find out my researches and studies in all websites by searching my name GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI

'INVENTION OF ARTIFICIAL RAINS had proposed&designed by me and prepared a scientific methodology with some clues&ideas to create artificial rains and pour rains in required desert&rain-prone areas and save the world people from droughts&famines. I tried to conduct some researches but couldn't complete due to lack of support&opportunities. All my hopes have become obsolete.I am now making my life's last journey with disregard&despair and hopelessness&sickness(severe medical complications).Under the aforesaid circumstances, I urge the world scientists to  continue&make further researches&developments on my research proposal invention of artificial rains. If world scientists have invented any technology in future that recreate humans of past,kindly remember&recreate me to complete my uncompleted missions together with world Great scientists. 


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Frozen Song

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Frozen Song

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