How Did We Happened ?

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One special night ,Sarah was cooking a huge dinner with help of her kids. " Mom? " Ron called her. Sarah turned to her 10 year son and nodded " yes , honey " " This day every year, you make lots of food which are dad's favorites. What's special about today ? " Ron asked his mom. " and also both grandpa and grandma come for dinner. What happened today? why is it's so special? " Sana her 7 year daughter added. Sarah looked proudly at her smart kids and answered " today was the day your dad and me happened ". There starts her story.......

Chapter 1

" The first time you touched me , I know I was born to be yours " 
Sarah POV :

It's already 5'o clock in the evening . If I had not been day dreaming about him . I would have started dinner already . All will be here by 7'o clock . Let me stop talking , do some work . 
After cutting all required vegetables and fruits . I switched on gas to boil vegetables and , side by side soaking noodles in another pan on gas . Started cleaning chicken for biriyani ( south Indian food with chicken , vegetables and rice ) .

" Mom " seriously , I should stop my day dreaming . Aaron come home soon . I miss you .

" Mom " Ron , my 10 year old son called me entering kitchen .

I turned to face him and nodded . " can I help you , mom ? " he asked . 

" Mom , me too wanted to help " Sana , my 7 year old daughter asked standing beside her brother .
Narrowing my eyes " Did you two finished your homework ? " I asked them .

" yeah , mom Ron had little work . He helped me to finish my homework " my angel answered smiling at her smiling brother .

I know Ron had homework far from little but he never leaves a single chance to help his sister . He scares away boys mean to her . In other words they are criminal partners .

" Then what are we waiting for ? Ron " looking at him " ingredients for dessert tonight is on counter " . Turning to my daughter " princess , would you make strawberry and mango milkshakes " , showing her fruits and mixer . With that they ran excitedly to do work assigned to them .

Hey , don't look at me like cruel bitch . My son is like his dad , like baking . Even if leave him alone after giving instructions , he will complete the dessert with decorations . Sana likes to make milkshakes which her grandmas taught her recently .

By 6.20 , Ron and Sana completed dessert and milkshakes , got dressed for dinner . I also got dressed in between . Now just pizza had to be taken out of oven and biriyani to be put in big bowl from the pan .

Keeping everything ready on dinner table . Still having time to kill , I started washing used vessels .

" Mom , what is special about today ? I have been seeing for few years . You make a big dinner " Ron asked confusedly . 

" and the dinner will be dad's favorite like today . Strawberry and mango milkshakes , chocolate dessert , vegetable noodles , biriyani and homemade pizza . Both grandparents can for dinner " Sana finished her brother . Aren't my kids smarts .

" Why don't you both smarty guess ? " . They both started guessing what is today .

" No , it is not your wedding day " Ron thinking loudly " and not your engagement day since its not your birthday ". 

Yeah , he proposed me on my birthday . He gave me a surprise party with our whole family and friends . He went on knees .....

" It's not any of our birthdays . Since I checked birthday calendar today " Sana continued cutting my taught .

" Yeah , you both are correct . It is neither of these days " I answered .

" Then what ? Mom " both asked at same time .

" It's not happening for few years . It's happening for last eleven years " I smiled at my kids and cleared their doubt .

" It was today , your dad and I happened " . There starts our story ............ 

Chapter 2

" There will come a life changing moment for everyone, where you'll start seeing someone's smile as if it is a magic "


Sarah POV :

11 Years ago

Mondays are like most beautiful dreams in my college days. I knew it, I can't tell a lie to save my life. Who am I kidding ?

Mondays are like deadly nightmares, because every Monday we had lab sessions not just one semester but all semesters of my engineering.

All weekends are more or like weekdays, only difference I don't have to go to college. In weekends, I have to write observation and record note for the experiments performed in that week, and have to get them signed by following Monday itself or else Satan will be on your back 24/7 throughout that semester.

Today is one such ' hell ' day, I mean Monday. It's already 8 am. If I don't reach my class in another 30 minutes, you guys understand..... right ?. Yet no sign of my college bus. Usually, there will be traffic at this time. Thank God, bus graced us with his presence.

" Thank you, Anna (a/n ' Anna ' means brother in Tamil) " I thanked driver while getting down the bus in front of my college gate. I think he should be pilot instead of driver, because of him we reached college before 15 minutes.

While walking to my class, let me introduce myself. I'am Sarah, studing BE-Computer Science. At present in my final year just two months left before semester exams. So to complete syllabus, professors taking extra hours and also cutting lab sessions. We had finished our project's final review last week. 

A fimilar bike with biker wearing helmet crossed me, stopped at parking area. Even without removing his helmet, I know who it is ?. 

Aaron Michael

We went to same school till 10th standard. After board exams, I changed school. Now he is my class representative. He is very popular among everyone in our college and guess what ?, Yep he is also college people leader as he was in school.

Even inspite of being popular, he never let it affect his character. He is very kind, helping and very down to earth person. If we have any problems personally, he will listen patiently to them and help them with all he can do. If we have any doubts in lessons which we don't understand after reading again and again, he will explain us till we understand. He is much better, I mean a lot better than our professors. He is all that a girl want in a guy but there is one bad thing with him, you will see that afterwards.

A high pitch screaming heard from parking lot, I turned to see what happened. A creature mixture of dragon and dinosaur running towards Aaron, bazinga........

Samara aka Aaron's girlfriend of two years running towards him. She is very beautiful, talented, yep other sarcasm. Woh lots of sarcasm on same day, I think today should be ' Sarcasm Day '.

Samara, a modern day witch, demon's daughter so much similar to Samara from the movie ' Ring '. You may think I'am very harsh to this girl. For every girl, her crush's girlfriend is evil, right ?. So let us establish, she is evil.

It is not said everything is fair in love and war. Love! ....... crush. It is said everything is fair in crush and lo.... I mean war. She knows my feelings for him which no one knows, see another characteristics of demon spirit - mind reading. This is the bad thing with Aaron, I talked about earlier. She always spreads nasty rumours about me around the college and bad mouth about me to Aaron. This is reason I don't have any friends in my class or college. Aaron is too good for her.

The poor guy don't know how to handle screening witch, now sucking his breath out by hugging him so tightly that he is having breathing problem. Aaron trying to get away from her while looking around for some help, but he found none. 

In fractions of second, his eyes met mine, everything stood still, frozen, ofcourse except Samara. Ringing warning bell, brought us back. Shit, now I know why no one in parking lot. Before running to my class, I waved him which he returned with 1000 watts smile but something is off with him.

" Mrs Michael "
" Mrs Michael " I heard someone calling. I know that voice, my English professor. He taught us in our first year. He is very tall with athletic body. Girls have full attendance in this subject since they come to class to study him then his teaching and he is happily married with his longtime​girlfriend few months back. Showing his watch, he pointed toward my class dirrection to run fast with knowing smile. I think he knows, my love for Aaron, yep I love Aaron, no I'am in love with him. I always had crush on him and somehow I fell for him even without his and mine knowledge.

As I kept my bag on my bench, our java professor entered into our classroom, just saved by warning bell and also my English professor. After taking attendance, he started his class 

Two things kept replaying in my mind throughout the period. One is Aaron's smile and other thing is " Mrs Michael " how good it sounds hearing again and again.

" Mrs Sarah Michael "


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