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There were 9 rooms available in a goat loafing shed. There one man called guard closed 32 goats in the loafing shed. For counting comfortably he added 4 goats in each room. When he see from any side 12 goats can be visible by him. The guard was in the centre of the loafing shed. A new person came with 4 goats to the guard. The guard said to the new person Viewed from any side 12 goats can be visible, likewise put and close. At midnight when the guard was sleeping, the new person drove away his 4 goats with 4 goats from the loafing shed. When the guard wokeup, he was shocked that the new person was missing. By suspecting him he counted the goats. Viewed from any side 12  goats were visible in the loafing shed. How is it possible? Find it.

1. How were the 32 goats closed first in the loafing shed by the guard?

2. How did the new person closed loafing shed with his 4 goats?

3. How did the new person closed loafing shed when he went away with 8 goats?
Find out.

5 th, standard,
Jeyaseelan Memorial Matric Higher Secondary School, 
Usilampatti Taluk,
Madurai District,
Tamil Nadu,
pincode - 625532


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