When we will meet again

Short Stories, Mystery (English)

Short description

A sentimental story to evoke emotions of love

Tick tock and the clock struck twelve,the night was dark and overwhelmed and the loneliness was more felt in the slight mizzle.I was busy as a bee in my office work,it was a research report that i had to submit the following day,for it i had to set down some chronicles in black and white.I got up to scrabble about and recuperate the logs and reports for suddenly i found an empty suitcase full of memories.If truth be told i was living alone because we now stayed in separate apartments for we were now being separated since a year ago.Opening that suitcase sketched out some grey feelings and evoked some still memories.For a moment or two i went million miles away and was lost as a driver who's car has suddenly failed.I can see her and me vividly,still sitting in the same kitchenette eating that hot cheese cake.In a thrice i opened those chats in my phone inbox and began to read that old pink conversations,the messages added salt to the wounds,that were still green to feel the pain.Lost in my thoughts i realized the slip ups and started to think whether she might be safe.I still cared but could not show,i still loved but could not unveil and felt like i am in an unbreakable cage that i could never been able to break.I decided to go somewhere,i took some shower and got my hair done, turned back and caught the gaze of a wardrobe full of clothes that still had their tags on.That remained in that since she left for i could not wear them as the fragrance was still fresh.For the first time i took one of them and got dressed in.Before leaving,i took along me a bookcase.That was indeed a precious gift that was engulfed in a taffeta and i wondered how a dust free bookcase could hide a lot of lies.I was on my way and could feel a race in myself as i were in some hurry,i was going to her place to bury the hatchet.The car accelerated before the signal turned green.I was ready for the war for i was tired of fighting the battle of my heart.I was engrossed in my thoughts when suddenly i met with the accident and i lost my conscious.On opening my eyes wide i could see my wife.She was wailing, the following morning, i could lose my conscious again.I called out her name and asked something ,she abruptly said i missed you even in my dreams and then the cardiac monitor whispered a ding ................................ we will surely meet in heaven.

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