My dad is a criminal ....

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My dad is a criminal

On a Dark sky morning I found my Dad standing with his gun aiming straight to the middle of my forehead ......

The story starts when I was 11 years kid , I belonged to a quater posh family father was a IPS without a wife ....but my brother and I was habituated without a mom.One day my brother and I were tensed because it was late night and there was no foot steps leading to our house ....I said my brother to look around the margin of the house and as I stepped out of the door a fraction something big took place  and I was unconscious the next morning I was in a hospital surrounded with police and Police kaka was also present there....(police kaka was my father's best friend) ..I asked him that what's the matter ? There was no "A" from his mouth ....I understood that something big I am crossed with ..Police kaka started crying and left my room, to chase him I stepped out of my bed and something was missing ...when I searched for it .It was my "legs"

  • Goutam Ghosh

    It is part one of the story .....please support to follow me ....I will write the second part

    on April 29, 2020

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