Expect the Unexpected

Short Stories, Mystery (English)

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a boy disguises himself as a criminal in his friend's birthday and surprises the birthday girl

Life is a set of unexpected and expected emotions.Most of the unexpected emotions of life can be described as surprises.However sometimes it becomes too hard to predict whether the surprises bring intense happiness or unforgettable searing pain with them.I still remember the day when I was terribly proved wrong about my certainty.

It was a usual day but from my point of view it was really an unusual one.This is because my clock had done the biggest mistakes of all on that day.It was the last speaking practice before the annual function and my clock was running  one hour late!!It left me speechless and I suddenly realised that today was my birthday too! I started thinking of all the possible ways to get to school but by the time I would get there the practice would be over.S o,I thought it pointless to reach school and conduct a fruitless journey my cell buzzed.It was midday already and my parents were out to work.It was Subho , my friend.Our conversation was going mild but suddenly it got very nasty on unreasonable reasons and I hung up.I was just too tired to think of anything else and took a short nap.Unfortunately 'short' nap became too long followed by a terrible dream.I grumbled to myself and wondered if God was happy to see me receiving these gifts on my birthday.

A sudden knock pulled me out of my thoughts.Lazily I got up and stalked towards the door.As soon as I opened the door, the lights went off , giving me no chance to see my visitor. A gasp escaped my throat when two strong hands blindfolded me and said, "Move the way I lead you ". Too terrified to say anything I followed  the stranger. Though the voice of the man who spoke was raspy, it was unusually familiar.

A flood of thoughts engulfed my mind . An alarm clock running late, a nasty fight with my best friend, a terrible dream, all the worst kind of gifts to be received on a birthday and now what was left for the day to get worse? Some burglar break in at my apartment? The stranger stopped me and removed the blindfold from my eyes...........

A chorus of several voices broke the thick silence of the room by shouting a 'Happy birthday' to me! Lights of all colours flooded my living room and a terribly familiar voice spoke from behind me , "Sorry. Didn't mean to hook on such a nasty fight with ya but..... surprise!!" Several friends of mine came running up to me and we celebrated my birthday together. Soon my parents came with presents and explained how Subho ,'the party planner' arranged and planned everything. I was relieved to know that our speaking practice had been extended to tomorrow morning and the nasty quarrel with Subho was a fake one. The rest of the evening was a super blast!!

Not all of certainties are proved wrong in this manner followed by a positive outcome, but everything that we experience in life leaves a lesson behind it. Fortunate are those who adopt it without taking notice on how bad or good the events were. Though my experience was followed by agony at beginning and unexpected, priceless surprises at last, I am very fortunate to enjoy this kind of a feeling in my 'life till now'.

                          -hope you all enjoy it

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