the twins

Short Stories, Scifi (English)

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                  THE TWINS
            1. Army man 
            2. His wife 
            3. Two brothers(twins)
            4. A girl 
            5. A scientist
          Chapter 1
Chandra Shekhar and Parvathi are two lovers who love them each other will escape from their house and will get married. soon after some months Parvathi will get pregnant unfortunately Chandra Shekhar will get a job in army and will leave her lonely 
Chandra Shekhar will die due to firing in the border poor paravthi don't know that and will be waiting for his husband for long time in the station 
Some of his friends will give his body to his wife and will feel sorry for it .......After a month he will give birth to unidentical twins she will divide her husband's name into two parts and will keep those names to her children..........
They are brilliants and would stand first in every exam Chandra will fall in love with a girl named Swapna but Shekhar will concentrate only in his studies and will join as assistant for a professor named RK
RK would like to invent a chemical which can give ultimate power to man to run fast to get strength and to be strong .......
One day Shekhar and RK  will  invent that chemical in their lab and they will test it on a rat and will leave it for an hour 
After some time it will be very powerful and can eat anything that will appear to its sight 
RK will ask many people to experiment this chemical on them but no one agrees to his proposal
Chandra will be busy in his work to make Swapna love him 
At last scientist will say that "I will experiment on myself and I will should them nothing is going to happen "Shekhar will agree for it .
Scientist will say to Shekhar that "I am going to my home and I will come by 3 hours ready the diffusion chamber and chemical" Shekhar will do the work as the scientist say 
......... After some time some rowdys will come his lab and will destroy all the chemicals and will beat Shekhar and they will throw him away in the chamber the will be firing all the lab suddenly the button triggers and the chemical will be diffused into Shekhar body
............... After some time he will wake up and will beat all of them and will run from there . Shekhar will go to home and will ask his brother Chandra what about your love Chandra will say "yes she too loves me tommorow we are going to shopping mall " ok all the best 
Shekhar will go to his bed room and will sleep 
The next day Chandra and Swapna will go to a shopping mall and will be roaming here and there then suddenly a mask man come and will try to throw a big huge rock on the RK but suddenly he will throw that rock down and will run away from there 
By seeing that scientist will be thinking why he stopped attacking me then he will remember that Chandra stood infront of me so he did not attack me 
Scientist will check his lab cam records and will go to Chandra's house . He will show the video about what has happened to Shekhar and he will say that you are the only one who can stop him 
I have an idea you inject me the chemical and I will become like him I will decrease his strength and I will bring him to the chamber where u have filled it with the antidote we both will be cured and problems will finish
This plan works correctly upto some extent the both will be fighting on the air Shekhar will not beat him because he knew that he is his brother and will dodge his attacks but finally Chandra will take down Shekhar to the chamber 
Suddenly Shekhar will kick him off from the chamber and the antidote will release Chandra will go and remove the door and will take Shekhar and will ask him to wake up 
Unfortunately he will be dead 
              To be continued 

  • Shelby

    want to know what happens next

    on February 02, 2017
  • Shelby


    on February 02, 2017
  • img

    interesting, so what will happen next

    on February 02, 2017

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