Faith-----A Butterfly Fairy

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Short Stories, Children

Faith-A butterfly Fairy

Once upon a time, deep into a very large forest, lived a beautiful butterfly. The colors on her wings were red, golden yellow, blue, spring green, maroon, and she had brown around the edges. Ever since this princess of the forest emerged from her cocoon, she longed to explore everywhere. For a year she explored the deep forest but her spirit bid her to explore further.

One day she decided to leave the safety of her home in the deep forest and travel to the outside world. She stopped to say farewell to her friends, the lily pads, the dragon flies, and the minnows, living by the warm waterfall. She longed to understand where the water came from which poured down from the cliff. She longed to understand why the sky above the pond was sometimes bright and sometimes dark. She longed to get a closer look at the rolling silver ball which boldly came to pierce the dark and the twinkling diamonds beyond.

Up and up she flew until she soared above the tree tops. Bright was the sky with white, wispy clouds. It no longer smelled of the forest but cool and clean. Soon the forest gave way to meadows of marigolds. She flew down to look closer and the fragrance delighted her. She stopped on a flower's petal. The petals told her their names and that they were called Marigolds. After a few days of eating and rest she said good bye and flew to another field of marigolds which had yellow and orange petals. The flowers in this field called themselves Marigold Nema Gold.

After spending two days resting with them, she flew off again. From far above she saw the verdant fields of a farm, with a dog playfully chasing two cats next to a field of pigs, cows, and zebras, all dining on the luscious grass. The sweet aroma of fresh mowed hay delighted her senses.

Flying in the direction of the wind, she swooped down to a field of white and black. The flowers looked like marigolds but she had never seen them in this color before. The petals said they were called Marigold Snowball. They said that God has made everything for His pleasure. They thought they were the most beautiful of the flowers. She agreed that they were, indeed, quite beautiful. After resting a few days, she flitted to a nearby field of brilliant red and orange flowers; these petals called themselves Marigold Fireballs.

As she rested a bee came by and told her about a magical place called the North Pole. He promised it was nothing like she'd ever seen. Flying for several days she ran into the cold and the farther she went the colder it got. As she swooped low, snow began to fall and she had to flit from side to side to avoid the snowflakes, some as big as she was.

Soon she saw a safe shelter from the snow flakes under the outside window shade of a sole, occupied house. The yellow light from inside give her little relief from the cold. Still she shivered. Inside, she saw green suited elves making children's toys, singing, and wrapping presents. Her shivering intensified as she just could not get warm. She began to get sleepy.

A kindly older woman in a red suit walked up to the window and casually looked out. A surprised look came to her face as she saw the beautiful butterfly outside shivering. Quickly the woman flung open the sash window and gently brought the butterfly into the warm workshop.

Closing the window she gently asked, "Would you like some hot chocolate? It's yummy. What is your name? Where did you come from?"

The beautiful butterfly had never tasted hot chocolate before. "Yes, please. I am so cold. My name is Faith and I come from the deep forest."

"I am Mrs. Claus. Welcome to our workshop."

"I feel so sick, Mrs. Claus."

"We don't have butterflies here at the North Pole but I am going to do something for you. Do you remember when you were a caterpillar and one day you spun a cocoon to sleep in? And then you became a beautiful butterfly?"

"Yes. I have had such a wonderful life."

"Well Faith, you're going to sleep now and when you wake up, you will be a fairy."

"What's a fairy?" she asked before drifting off to sleep.

"When you wake up, Faith, you will be a fairy for lonely children. Whenever children feel lonely or talk with an imaginary friend, you will go and make the children happy. You can leave a gift for a child under their pillow and they will call you Faith Fairy."

so if you find any gifts under your pillow on near your window you know who it is!!!
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    so good awesome.. uuooff..but too long????

    on February 10, 2017
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    thank you so much

    on January 27, 2017
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    nice story

    on January 27, 2017

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