The lion fell in love with the Lamb

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Short Stories, Romance

This is a story of Lina my twin sister….and my name is Tina…you must be thinking whats going on

Let me make it easy for you…I felt like narrating her love story to all as it seemed beautiful and strange to me……

So let me take you few years from now…..

I was in college finishing my graduation….i was living in Moroco at that time…life was pretty perfect and one fact changed my life

Since this story is about my beloved sister Lina let me tell you about her

She was this very beautiful fair skinned girl with sharp nose and blue eyes and curly but long hair…she loved to have a piercing on her nose and she also bought a diamond stud and put it on the nose..she was an average built girl about say 5’3.she loved the colour purple and she was always stuck with her books and piano

Whenever you see her either she is with a pen and a paper writing poems or lyrics for her songs…there were times when she used to bug me with her songs or poems,but honestly I used to love them but I never confessed this before her


One afternoon while she was sitting and was engrossed in a book her eyes met the golden brown eyes and she was drawn to them and seems like those brown eyes too followed her…as she saw beyond the golden brown eyes she could see a beautiful set of teeth form a smile….He was a guy with atheletic body and wore blue jeans and black shirt,a full sleeved shirt rolled up to the elbow and a black broad watch on his wrist he was fair skinned too

Lina was going through the year book and she found this guy’s picture and came to know that his name as Ray….she also came to know that he was dating Daisy who was I don’t know which number girlfriend she was…

So he is a playboy is it? Huh thought Lina

The next day in the college garden the golden brown eyes still kept following Lina but she didn’t care about it..she found a bunch of yellow flowers and a box of exotic chocolates in her locker but that didn’t quite effect her

This continued for a few months but Lina was not drawn to this guy

Lina kept seeing this guy in all the poetry competitions and found silly but sweet poems written in a paper being slipped in her locker every day…

Lina never threw the papers but again didn’t reply to them….she knew that Ray was trying hard to impress her with poems which she loved the most

After the first long vacation she found a bunch of papers in her locker,as she was trying to clear them she found amongst the lot a pink colour paper perfumed written on it

“The Lion fell in love with the Lamb”

Lina then thought this was it….the fun should be put to an end and she looked for him and when she found him she went to him and with her sweet angelic voice told him to back off….

He said he will love her foreverand though she is the most simplest girl he had ever met he is the right one for him…he said he doesn’t like to be around anyone anymore…

To this lina said fine then come to my house at 6 today and we will sit and talk about us..

Ray was excited and made plans that he would take a pink teddy bear for his love and a bunch of red roses…he would shell out all his past affairs and wont hide anything from his past….he would take her permission to announce their engagement to all his friends and share his thoughts to share his whole life with his ANGEL

He got ready and went to Lina’s house at 6 and rang the bell,the door was open and he came in…..i was in the kitchen preparing chocolate Brownie and heard a male voice saying

“waow that smells really good”

I look up and see a good looking guy and that was the first time I met Ray

I was shocked and asked him

“Hey who are you??”and

‘How did you come in ?”

“Hey come on sweety you asked me to come and my apologies ma’am”, -said Ray

I screamed ME?? I don’t even know you

“But B But lina!!!”,said Ray

LINA ???iam not lina Iam Tina

Lina is my twin sister

“O OHH iam sorry then,i thought you were Lina can you call her please???”,said Ray

I wish I could call her for you buuut

But what??,said Ray

But she died last year in a road accident!!!!!

Ray just walked out of there in silence and I never saw him again after that...

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    Shocking climax. But good.

    on August 08, 2019
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    thank you

    on January 25, 2017
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    on January 23, 2017
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    on January 22, 2017
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    thank u

    on January 22, 2017
  • Frozen Song

    Nice twist

    on January 22, 2017
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    thank you for the rating

    on January 22, 2017

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