Poetry, Lyric (English)

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Its is about the signs of abuse

The cuts and bruises aren't accident 

The black eye and battered skin were meant 

The flinching and squirming are not just discomfort 

The red skin isnt because im sunburnt 

The losing of weight and paleness and nauseosness 

Is because in my life i remain powerless 

Being abuse is not fair when i did no wrong 

In this life i cannot live long 

The anxiety of going home 

Is because with them i dont want to be along 

Why!! Treat me like this 

Punching and bruising me with your fist

Why worship me like the ground you walk on 

As a family I thought we had a bond 

Treating each other with respect and love 

You sufficate me like a glove 

Not in a good way like a good parent would 

And some day to change i hope you would 

I am a concrete angel with no one to love 

But when i fly to the sky I am free as a dove 


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