Hopelessly hoping

Poetry, Dramatic (English)

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Sometimes all that makes us believe is hope.

There's a low possibility

That you would also love me

But if there would be chance

Please let me close our distance


Let me just hug you for awhile

Let me just cherish that beautiful smile

Let me feel the love I have always longed for

Please let me enter your heart's door


I know my stand from the start

But I don't mind getting a bruised heart

Let me just love you 'til it fades

Let me just enjoy this cascade


Happiness is what I feel

But I need to face the real deal

At the end of the day I will be alone

If I could just have a heart made of stone


You know that I'm always here

You don't have to ask where

You may have me for long

I love you, there's nothing wrong




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    on October 02, 2019

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