Too Far Away

Poetry, Dramatic (English)

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So close yet so far, an unreachable love like a star...

My heart is bleeding

Because of this unbearable feeling

I'm feeling blue

Because I love you


I never did expect nor assume

In your heart I'll never have a room

I know that no matter what I do 

It's impossible for you to love me too


I need to forget that beautiful smile

I need to distance myself for awhile

Because this feeling is getting deeper

And it makes things a little bit harder


I need to forget all the moments we have

But how can I forget you my love?

When my heart used to shout your name

And happiness started when you came


You've been the constant part of my system

Getting you out of this system is my problem

Loving you was never that easy

But thank you so much for making me happy






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    I love it, can relate to this so much

    on September 12, 2019

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