Past prognostications

Poetry, Free Verse (English)

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It all about what in the past i said would happen in the future (today). And ofcourse that is what is happening.

My words would be like 

The lizard's on the wall epileptic, 

My scribbles,  would be like 

The snake's surveying pathway. 


My voice ,

Would be to the ear sore.

Yet my balderdash wouldn't be bald

But to the deaf pleasing.


Not just words would be my poems 

But to the minds arrows.

Send me bullets and dollars would the corrupt corruptor.

With my faith and fate to gamble.


But strangle me would my conscience 

If tempered acquiesce is my faith.

My life till it sunset would sit these words on my lips.

An everlasting cola nut to chew.


For this extempore

Of my relic,

Is only

A fortuitous beam.

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