What must love be?

Poetry, Dramatic (English)

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Is love suppose to be painful and full of regret? No? Then why do I feel like this?

Love, must it be cruel?

Because now, it feels like hell

When all I ever did  was to gave everything

But all that's left in me is a painful sting


Love, must it make you crazy?

Must it make you feel weak and easy?

Or is it because love makes you stupid

At the end, you'll regret everything you did?


Love, must it make you cry a river

When you realize that forever is for never

Between the two of you, you're the only one who loves more

And after all the things happened, you're just being ignored


Love, must it make you stop to love?

So that you'll preserve what you have?

Must it make you feel worthless and numb?\

Because love makes us all dumb

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