The Real Me

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Poetry, Other

You think , I'm rude!
Oh dear , you can't see my heart.
It's bleeding , 
It's broken into hundred pieces
Each and every piece of it is full of thousand wounds.

You think , I'm selfish!
No darlo , It's my self-respect , 
Stopping me from being used by everyone.

You think , I'm soulless!
You're wrong sweetheart , 
Pain made me this way.
Pain compelled me to be feelingless.

Don't judge me , when you can't see , 
'The Real Me'-
Through the wall , that is standing around me-
Protecting the vulnerable self of mine.
If you can find a way to reach my soul
You'll see it's still there-
'My Magnificent Soul'.
Maybe it bears a lot of scars , but , 
It's still beautiful and it wants desperately to be happy.

And trust me , if you can find a way to touch my soul ,
I'll let the wall around me be fallen , 
I'll let you see 'The Real Me'
I'll open my heart to you ,
I'll allow you to see the scars-
I'm hiding from this cruel world.

Maybe in some ways , 
'The Real Me' will be bitter or
Annoyingly emotional.
But I can promise you-
In this fake , artificial world
It'll be real and pure.

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