Working at my brother's legacy!

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working for my brother's legacy

"But at the end, she will get married, prepare your son well for this buisness" said a 50 years old client of my father, sipping coffee from the cup while he was looking at me .

Belonging from a typical marwari family, i live in a society where we are taught and made to believe that boys are more important than girls, for family in less words if i explain their belief  its "boys are asset and girls are liability" .

But why? I asked myself one day ..  who decided that ? What was reason we concluded that?  It is true? If not how to make them believe  its not..

Fortunately having a open minded father, he allowed me to come to the industrial area and work for his buisness. Having a married elder sister and younger brother who is still completing his studies . I took the responsibility to help my father in his buisness as unlike his other colleagues he didnt have any young son to rely on for his buisness.

No, working there isnt hard nor it is something i cant do physically.. i love the work. But the ratio of male to female working there is 1:0. The entire industry where there are more than 50 factories.  There is no single women.

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