On remembering my backyard.

Short Stories, General Literary (English)

Short description

A nostalgic description of my backyard.

Here comes a little, narrow ray of the freshest, early morning light from behind the curtains.
Its just sneaking peaking from a corner, trying to fill the room bit by bit.
When a new morning sprouts each day, my favorite part is feeding my bunch of sparrows in the backyard, who along with them call their whole family for the meal, cleaning their tiny beaks with the delicate branches of a bougainvillea, I just love watching these tiny lives moving their feathers, swinging along the plants, chirping in variety of moods and tones.
The freshly light air,
Newly born fragrance around, it's just like the world is reborn and made all over again every day, because after a long, tiring day the morning must rest and let the night in, so that the nocturnals can feed themselves as well.

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Frozen Song

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