True people's of our life

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True people's of our life

In everyone's life there is always someone  a good character who they cherish most.  Who's presence lightens the burden of life. Who's vibes makes your heart bloom.  Who's interests molds your interests too. You ponder each and every word they use to communicate. If that person gets despair, your mind immediately finds ways to make them happy. And when that person laughs their laughs make you happier and alive. You began to see the world through their eyes.  You grow to like the things you have never paid attention to.  You start to get better yourself.  Then you began glowing differently. Everything around you began to look pleasing. That your mind no more focuses on whatever shits happen around you .You began to believe in giving love  and respect to other human beings.  You grew to like every work you do even your tough times seemed to be adventure but not frustrating.  Because the energy, the vibes, the feeling you receive from that person  is enough to create balance in your.  That's what we call true peoples of our life.

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    Mehak Kapoor

    would you like to publish your poem in book as a co author if interested then message me on Instagram @girlslife745 or message me at whatsapp+91 7087335829

    on February 23, 2021

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