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scary lizard

I was on bed of death everyone was crying griefing about my dead sitting in front of my body i want to scream,i am alive but could not what was happening, when did I die what had happened to me. All of the sudden I feel something on my body something crawling on my body i could feel...please help me there was a lizard and many of them came upon my body i asked to help but,how? I was dead. I feel one of the lizard went inside my mouth. I screamed loudly) "maaaaaaaaaaaaa"! My mother who slept next to me woke me up "what happened beta"?" Thank god it was just a dream. I said to my mom what i saw in my dream. Its ok beta it was just a bad dream chant some prayer and sleep. I was also convinced by it. But, my dream was so real i could not believe it was not true. I was at a shop with my mother i saw a lizard o  the wall i started screaming " maa see lizard nooòoooo it came here to attack me my mother said dont worry beta its just a lizard she ran on the wall catches that lizard and came to me and said " see beta lizard cannot do anything you would like to eat it its too delicious. Wait what? I screamed than see started forcing lizards in my mouth to eat here i screamed very loud. Again it was just a dream my mother came running by. Again mother the same dream of lizard this time more worst. My mother took me to a shaman next day ( the woman who nows magic and all) after doing all her ritual.she said,( breathing very high) your daughter is been poisoned by very high black magic spells with lizards. Her life is in danger. Some one from her family would have done it. But who? Who can do it. All of the sudden my mother choked my neck with a knife and said i did it...

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