High Expectations

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People being foolish when things come to their profit.

There was boy named Ali. Who wanted to become a photographer ,but his parents want that he studied medical and one day become a doctor.So they forced him to study medical and sent him to a boarding school for better studies.When he sent to the boarding his dream still stuck in his head but because ofhis parents fear he tried to study medical .After some days he lost his interest and ran away from the boarding and because of his parents fear he cutted off all his links to his parents.When parents know about his son.They were very disappointed and feeling very stressed about his son.
   This shows that sometimes parents expectations ruined their own wards.It is good to see a big dreams for you children but it is also important to notice the interset of your children and provide them facilities in which they are capable off.Give them time and show them your love and sport so at the end they will remember you.

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