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girl with green eye.... met at ice-cream began....notice by evey one....ending

  It was hot summer day i felt like going out side with my friend and have an ice-cream,(minal loves to eat ice cream a lot, but now here is the problem her mother dont like her going out side because she was from a very conservative family.but still she is her mother) she ask her about it with three no and five time asking why she agrees with her. Minal called her best friend anaya, " hello anni let go out have and ice-cream together" anni said "i cant yaar" why?! Because i dont feel like going out. 'BAS' that, why you sont want to come please anni you know my mother never allows me out.( well again with 4 no and 6 i dont want to go she said yes)
                          Ice-cream stall was just near my house. It took 5 minutes to anni to come to my house. I was wearing my burqa with my nose piece . It was too hot. I wanted to get to the ice-cream stall as soon as posible.anni was looking upset, i asked her about what happen she said nothing.( as you know that is the most common answer given by our friends after asking "what happen", we were walking in silence anni now open up about her nothing happen to something had happen. She said "it about my future i am worried about" "what about it you are an humanity student. So either you choose to be a teacher or to be a writer" you know it! I said, she want to become a writer but her parents are not going to support her in this as we all know our parents first priorities are to get us married first that whatever our husbands decide we have to do it.well we are now at the shall. I asked ice-cream seller bhaiya do ice-cream dena. Well he stared at me for a while and than smiled differently and than went away yelling. Do i look like an ice cream seller. I was embarrassed at that moment but what can i say? He just ran away shouting it.after few minutes the ice cream seller came " kon si ice-cream du madam" at very moment i wanted to quit to eat ice-cream.for what? Huh! Meanwhile anni was laughing that much that could not breathe. Said her anni shut up what are you like 15" it happens some time....more ok while taking ice-cream form that man i asked to shutup or i will throw this ice-cream on your face. But she couldn't stop...well at some moment it was funny the way he answered and ran away for no reason at all. 
             I went home i wanted to go home very fast because of anni could not stop herself talking about that scene. Ok anni what ever! I said moving my lips to my cheek. Than i went home.very quietly( the last time she was quiet went her mother slap her because she was continuously shouting and dancing in front of the relatives) 'for 5 minutes'. Mother immediately notice her silence oh my god sun might have risen from the west. Did some one died or is there earthquake coming.... ohh yeh maa so much of you sarcasm shup up know i hate this... what happen beta? Nothing (the usual answer) ooh tell me rani, i hate this when ever she called me rani i just melt like and ice-cream.. (you know what i did there... you know dont tell that) rewinding every thing mother laugh a litten than said it mostly happens beta... but mother everyone was looking at as like we had asked them for there kidneys.
                  (Next day
                   I was late at my university as usual keeping things like running out with some one (kash...if i could)
 Before moving out my mother shouted a loud "RANI"! ( YOU KNOW THATS A SIGNAL TO ANYTHING IS BIG IS COMING) "what maa" you father is going to come from saudi for father was earning money for twenty years in saudi i could only can see him at his vacation only for two months. He's very strict hardly speaks when ever needed or just talk in sign language i am just scared of him ( minal dont know father is coming with surprises  just wait and watch...ok read). I was about to step out side the house. My mother said, " rani dont go college today we have to renovate this house as your father like talk to your friend anni also, if she could come and help as she always stays at home doing  nothing my mother said, in a very smag and taunting way. I was 2 years younger than anni she had already completed her graduation in BA. People in india things arts is not a stream its just time pass for people who cannot do anything in life. I was a pathology student ( although she hates blood but she has to choose something as a career)  

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    amy shaikh

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    on January 13, 2021

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