We don't learn from experiences.

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We don't learn from experience.

Why we learn from experience?
The word "Experience" creates a sense of learning in our minds.sometimes we learn from our good experiences sometimes bad but it may be worst then bad.Do you believe that each and everything in our life comes to teach us.

Experience is a key
    word for learning"

that's a good phrase but do we really learn by any experience.Is this enough to have an experience in our lives to learn. Let's clear this sentence now.
 " We don't learn from experience         but we learn by reflecting on     experience" 

There is no learning without Reflection.We learn when we reflect on our faults, or may be we learn by anybody else faults.So if you don't  reflect you don't learn

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    do you what is a brain bug???

    on January 12, 2021

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