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A day may come when we lose but it is Not Today , Today we Fight

One night a girl was walking on the road alone. Roads were blank and blurry because of fogg. Suddenly she heard a helping sound.Some one calling for help. She ran toward the sound,but no one was there .She was scared and started running to the way back home .One boy came from the opposite side. She was first frightened to saw him. The boy was filled with blood stains . She tried to fist ran away, but when she looked in boy's eyes,She feel like something bad happened to him .She came near to him and asked to him that what happened.The boy replied that "I killed my best friend". Girl feeling scared but she asked to him that why you killed your best friend.He replied that" He betrayed me,He stoled the jewelry shop and put all the blame on me,My parents throw me out of my home just because of him".Girl replied" If he did that wrong with you,You should complaint against him!Why should you killed him??"He replied " I went to police station to wrote a complaint against him but no one helped me they think i am the culprit and put me in prison".

 The conclusion is that the "Justice delayed is a Justice denied" Because of false accusations a man turned into a real culprit.If he got the proper investigation and listened this thing never happened.

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Frozen Song

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