Love came softly

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Love came softly

Love came softly I saw a great storm upon the horizon the clouds were greatly darkened and full of rain the rain was pounding heavy blows of rain upon the earth and a frightening sound of thunder in the distance and the flashing of light from the thunder was so bright and blinding to my eyes could this be the love of my beloved coming to me in his great power might and his strength but my beloved was not there the horrendous powerful waves are the giants of the sea crashing down furiously and pounding like sounds of thunder over each other could this be the love of my beloved coming to me but my beloved was  not there then the softest of a gentle breeze I felt I saw butterflies in light flight with the wind blowing softly and gently up under their wings and over their wings the winds tickling their wings gving the butterflies a manifestation of laughter and joy I was feeling extreme pleasure It was the love of my beloved his love coming to me on the wings of delicate butterflies not in the frightening darkness of pounding of rain upon the earth not in great power might and his strength and frightening sounds of great thunder and the flashing brilliant powerful light, not in the horrendous powerful of the mighty waves but the eternity of his love came softly into my heart and soul forever.

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    Ghazanfer Ali

    But in a painful way

    on November 25, 2020
  • Ali DOGAR


    on November 23, 2020

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