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I'm fat

Yes I'm fat and I'm used of getting ignored. , Yes generally people ignore me , yes people generally bully me fir being fat , yes girls don't talk with us , yes we are loyal but can't prove cause girls doesn't like us they have a different perspective for us , generally people think they look good by body shaming us , usually we don't care of being bullied cause that's what our friends do maybe they don't want to bully us but they do , usually boys don't tease girls actually they never judge a girl they don't think that she is slim or she is fat we don't do that , but girls do . Fat girls never get body shamed they are always given nicknames such as chubby , teddy , panda, etc but a fat guy is a fat guy , we don't get offended till an limit imagine you getting teased in front of your group or getting comments by someone who doesn't even know you . In many cases we get rejected but if a chubby girl proposes we don't think about her weight . Even except relationship both the genders are getting trolled we don't want anyone to body shame us we want to be treated equal as well I wish a time comes when people stop judging us by our body . This society needs some changes and I'm willing to change thoughts about fat peoples 

  • Priyanka Bani Lomga

    Very beautifully u have penned ur emotions ❤️

    on November 19, 2020

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