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Covid-19 has spread all over the world.To stop it we have to know more about it.This story written by me tells us what is Covid 19,its symptoms and how to avoid.

Covid-19 is a disease caused by the bacteria Corona virus.It's symptoms are to some extent similar to those of a common cold.If we have mild Covid-19 in our bodies we will soon have a runny nose,numb body and severe headache.But if treated with care these soon heal.
If the mild Covid-19 in our bodies are not properly treated they may result in an high temperature and shortness of breath.This could cause heart and lungs problem. 
Thus we must keep ourselves alert,and keep ourselves on guard.

Shortness of breath
High temperature 
Runny nose
Severe headache
Numb body
If you recognise any of these symptoms in any of your near and dear ones and yourself, report the hospital immediately and keep that person or yourself away from the others.
While going out onto the street wear a mask and clinical gloves.
Don't touch anything unless absolutely necessary when out.Sanitise continuously and keep a distance of 1m away from a person with whom you're talking.

Stay safe and stay cautiously. 

Presented by Shambhabi Dey........


    hello, Yes We must Stay Safe And Main Chain as Continue. We Can Go Outside but a little while maintaining Social distance and follow the Precaution given as Govern By Prime Minister Modi, And main point You did not maintion in your Article Sir, If anyone in your Surrounding Suffering as with Covid 19 immidiately call as Emergency no as given accourdingly Governer And most Important we must Download Aaro gya Setu aap for our safety.

    on October 17, 2020

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