Evolving Clinical Pharmacy In India- The Beginning.

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Article about Evolving Clinical Pharmacy in India-The Beginning

Siddika Inamdar 
Final year student , SVERI'S college of pharmacy pandhapur, Solapur University, Maharashtra 

                Clinical pharmacy practice is relatively new discipline  in pharmacy practice it is latest and unmapped field. The presence of Clinical pharmacy in healthcare field is most essential now days.clinical pharmacy could support physicians in optimizing therapies and this field is also monitoring efficacy and safety of patients. Indian healthcare sector needs to evolve clinical pharmacy for evaluate the appropriateness and the effectiveness if the patients medication.


Clinical pharmacy has emerged one of latest and unmapped discipline of pharmacy in the 21st century. The existence of clinical pharmacist in medical round could support physicians in optimizing pharmacotherapy. This novel profession in India extends its areas to good manufacturing practices, procurement, preparation and distribution of medication, reporting ADR's/ADE's and most important patients healthcare services. The state of Clinical pharmacy is in the transformational state showing serious positive promising changes in the past some years.even hospitals have started distinguishing importance of Clinical clinical pharmacy and have taken initiative for making it possible.although at a budding stage the clinical pharmacy branch of  pharmacy surely attaining new heights in related to patients care services which have gives satisfaction to patients. 
                         Clinical pharmacy is essential to use drug control and effective application of the knowledge, professional skills and ethics to assure optimal safety in the distribution and use of medicine. The purpose of professional education in clinical pharmacy and public health is to qualify each pharmacologist to practice clinical Pharmacy at higher and more professional  level.the meaningful role of clinical pharmacy is the safe and rational use of drugs this goals are enables to physician to do their duties better and also helpful for monitoring drug therapy. 
                                 Internationally particularly in countries like U.S, Australia, Canada etc. Clinical pharmacists have extensive education in biomedical, pharmaceutical, sicio-behavioural and clinical science. Clinical pharmacists can help in detection,prevention and reporting ADR, he may advise physician for alternate drug therapy for concerned patient. Clinical pharmacists can help in executing clinical trials and based on standard principles and bio- statistical evaluation. 
                           The scenario of Clinical pharmacy in India is very similar to scenario faced by pioneers 50 years ago in west Francke echoed Dr. Eugene whites disappointment in 1969 it was narrow provincialism of pharmaceutical educators. The health and economic outcomes of clinical pharmacy are chiefly relevant in India.

 .How can Clinical Pharmacy field in India will be evolved:
1. Universities can offer placing clinical faculty at the hospital to provide clinical services free of cost and also use it as away to teach students experimentally as a part of their training. 
2. Placing clinical pharmacists in DOTS centers to provide counseling to the patients and ensuring medication adherence 
3.Utilizing the services of the clinical pharmacists in vaccination and immunization programs can also be a good starting. 
4. Recruiting and posting clinical pharmacists in rural areas where
there is shortage of doctors to provide medical treatment of minor ailments. 

Clinical pharmacy will emphasize to raise the standards of healthcare delivery to human life it will promote the rational use of medicine including allopathic and translational medicines in order to achieve specificity to vulnerable diseases as well to access  the pathological condition accurately and this will drastically reduce financial burden.clinical pharmacist will focus to ensure to achieve the well being health of human by pharmacotherapy with minimal adverse effect.

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