Faded Orchid

Poetry, Satirical (English)

Short description

A girl who learnt to stand up from her failures.. The girl is metaphored as an orchid

Dark clouds over her

Throbbing her neck since the first breath,

Universe was sorely tempted to throttle her.. 

Arose the lady with brown eyes, 

Perhaps the only psyche who candidly.. 

Wanted to see her among the orchids!! 

Being an insurgent among those orchids,

Could that had been the reason for her wilting..? 

Birds hummed about her ecstasy.. 

Wind swayed along with her curves.. 

Nature really hoped she would blossom first!! 

All hell broke loose! 

She wilted.. 

Despite her sincere affection.. 

She broke down.. 

She slipped back.. 

Tears were her only companion.. 

Neither the lady with brown eyes nor the caterpillar, 

Endeavored to be her Atlas.. 

Her past was the sole reason of her resurgence, 

Her wings flapped out from her ashes.. 

Renaissance from the denouncing nature, 

The Phoenix in her ascended above the heaven.. 

Now ready to carry all catastrophe under her wings.. 

She enraptured high!! 


Devananda Vinod

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