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Dear world scientists kindly follow&find out my researches&studies in all websites/searchengines by searching my name GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI

.Dear researcher,
I am an unfortunate Indian scientist subjected to negligence,racism and discrimination. Governments&councils  didn't encourage&provide opportunities and officials&fellow researchers ridiculed and pushed out. My scientific thoughts angered the fundamentalists&superstitioius. Despite being oppressed&not getting research opportunities, I built a small lab at my house with available resources,home-made apparatus, drawingd, designs, scrap reference books and did over a 1000 researches&studies on anticipating weather conditions& natural  calamities and published in journals and served the world community. Among  them following are important.
*BIOFORECAST that can easily perform in minutes at no cost and forecast weather conditions&natural calamities 18 days in advance.
*WEATHER PERIODIC TIME SCALES which can easily study&estimate forthcoming climate changes many years in advance; 
*BASICS OF NATIONAL GEOSCOPE SYSTEMS that is easy to establish&detect earthquakes 24 hours in advance; 
*BASICS OF GLOBAL MONSOON TIME SCALES that notice forthcoming conditions of monsoonal climate&hazards 1 year to 100 years in advance. 
*BASICS OF CREATION(Irlapatism-A New Hypothetical Model of Cosmology)that explains mysteries of the universe etc.

My researches&studies maybe useful to scientific development&community services. Find out my researches in all websites/searchengines by searching my name GANGADHARA RAO IRLAPATI or can obtain by sending your email to me.

However much efforts did tho, I couldn't get recognition either by governments or by societies moreover I was oppressed and my researches&studies were darkened&obscured. Political recommendations&officials support, cash&community, region&religion may play a key role  in giving support&opportunities, awards&rewards, respect&recognition to depressed communities. I am now making my life's last journey due to disregard&despair with hopelessness&sickness. I am a victim of negligence,racism and discrimination. I am now making my life's last journey with poverty&illness and disregard&despair.complications. It is not known how long I will live, or when I will die.      

 Under the aforesaid circumstances I am making this request. Kindly make further researches on my inventions&discoveries and use them  to scientific development&public benefit. Recognize me as the Inventor of Basics of Global Monsoons Time Scales&Basics of National Geoscope Systems/National Geoscope Projects and  Originator of Irlapatism-A New Hypothetical Model of Cosmology by making references in your research papers,postings on socialmedia&conservations in meetings/seminars. 

Furthermore, if world scientists have any technology in future that recreate humans in past, kindly remember&recreate me to complete my uncompleted missions together with world great scientists. 

PayPal A/C link:
GooglePay/Phonepe/Paytm A/C No. 91 6305571833

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